TVT Activities

The Trust's main goals are to ensure the protection of the environment, with specific emphasis on marine turtles, and to inspire the natural potential of the people by increasing their capacity to generate sustainable livelihood through successful entrepreneurship.

In order to achieve this, a number of initiatives are currently being employed and a number of planned initiatives in separate phases:

  • Ecotourism Project
  • National Monitoring Programme
  • Signage project

Phase I – Establishment of nature trails; promotion of cultural events; construction of accommodation; merchandising of craft & souvenirs; turtle watching and conservation

Phase II – Expansion of existing museum; construction of accommodation; aquaculture project; organic farming project; turtle watching and conservation


Phase III – Creation of a wildlife park; adoption of Green Globe international standards; turtle watching and conservation


Phase IV – Establishment of an entertainment centre; creation/refurbishing of beach and visitor facilities; turtle watching and conservationPhase V – Establishment of an aquarium; expansion of tours to include marine environments; establishment of a turtle research centre