As one of the world’s largest producers of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Atlantic is committed to Sustainability – our recognition of how important it is for our company to ensure that value from the finite resource of natural gas is created now and for future generations.

Future generations cannot yet speak, therefore we are responsible to join the voices in the present that speak on their behalf, lending support where feasible to initiatives aimed at securing a place for those who are to come.

Atlantic’s partnership with the Turtle Village Trust (TVT) is one such initiative. By facilitating the electronic tagging and monitoring of turtles, we help the TVT to protect and resuscitate this endangered species. Turtles contribute incalculably to the health of marine ecosystems in Trinidad and Tobago and territories all around the world visited by the turtles in their annual migrations. Turtle conservation is therefore instrumental to the balance of the global marine environment and essential to the sustainability of future generations.

The TVT also helps to foster the sustainable development of communities that are proximate to turtle nesting sites.  Atlantic supports the Trust’s work in giving these communities access to training programmes or other initiatives that build ecotourism or generate alternative employment opportunities outside of the nesting season.

Atlantic’s partnership with the TVT is our flagship initiative aligned to our Brand attribute "Advocacy" - championing the interests of those to come.