Ministry of Tourism

We serve as a catalyst to help make Trinidad and Tobago a premier tourist destination. Policy and strategic intervention are our key tools. Our other tools, while not as conspicuous are crucial, like conducting research, monitoring and evaluating trends, and partnering with industry stakeholders. We also help build awareness of the tourism industry – and this website is our newest information initiative. 

The functions of the Ministry of Tourism include:

  • Conducting Research on Tourism-related Issues
  • Formulating Policies to Guide the Industry
  • Monitoring and Evaluating Tourism Industry Initiatives and Development
  • Partnering with Industry Stakeholders
  • Developing and Implementing Tourism-related Projects
  • Facilitating Tourism Investment and the General Development of the Industry
  • Building Awareness of the Tourism Industry
  • Providing Lifeguard Services
  • Monitoring and Guiding the Operations of the Tourism Development Company Limited (TDC)
  • Monitoring and Guiding the Operations of the Zoological Society of Trinidad & Tobago