Getting Involved With TVT

The Trust believes that sustainable development is not only possible, but that it is crucial to the financial stability of the communities and the national economy as a whole. However, this is dependant upon the participation of a number of sectors, all of whom stand to benefit.

Benefits for Investors:

Turtle Village is an ambitious, but realistic project. It is based on the premise that turtle watching has been a major ecotourism activity within certain local communities, and this has the potential for large-scale expansion. Sustainable development of these communities will create opportunities within a number of industries including construction, hospitality and transport. Therefore, investing in the advancement of Turtle Village can have long term benefits.

Benefits for Community Groups:

Community groups have been crucial in conservation and public awareness efforts. One of the major problems often faced by community groups though is a lack of resources. The Trust is committed to the support of such groups and believes that a combined effort and the sharing of resources and expertise would be much more beneficial to all involved.

Benefits for the Community:

The Turtle Village Trust aims to link sea turtle conservation efforts with the sustainable development of communities. It is the community itself which will be involved in the planning and decision making process, and which will be assigned the task of catering to eco-tourists. This will lead to an increase in jobs in areas such as tour guiding, beach patrols, education, food, etc.  The sea turtles will benefit from a dedicated group of protectors and the community will benefit from higher income and ultimately a better standard of living.

Benefits for Volunteers:

There are many areas in which volunteers are needed including fundraising etc. The Trust welcomes any individual who would like to help, regardless of their skill set. Even if all you can contribute is time to survey nesting turtles, your efforts will be appreciated and you will have the knowledge that you are a part of a unique local conservation drive.

If you are interested in learning more, or you would like to be a part of the Trust, please feel free to contact us.

Friends of the Sea Turtle


Among the most compelling and inspiring of creatures, sea turtles are the "flagship" for marine species conservation in Turtle Village Trust's program. These long-lived, magnificent reptiles play an important role in the cultures of many coastal communities. Trinidad and Tobago feeding, nesting and mating sites support turtle populations of six of the world's seven species that extend throughout the Caribbean. The same sites are also vital for many other species, which will also benefit from protecting turtle habitats.

In Trinidad and especially in Tobago sea turtles are under threat. Many of their eggs are poached; they are slaughtered for their meat, and they are threatened by development, encroaching settlements and fishing operations. While our community group partners are ever vigilant and committed, there are several areas which still need to be addressed – legislative, community based, and other wise, if this deeper improvement is to result.

How You Can Help

There are many things each of us can do to help sea turtles survive. First, we must remember that we share the oceans and the beaches with many other species. Second, become informed about the things that are affecting sea turtles or destroying their habitat. As an informed citizen, you have the power to influence the outcome of these issues by making your voice heard and your actions count. One way to keep informed about important issues is to join our Friends of Sea Turtle and support our community groups like Nature Seekers, Grand Rivere Tour Guide, SOS Tobago, M2M Network and Fishing Pond Tour Guides, among others which monitor issues and encourage their members to get involved.  

The Friends of the Sea Turtles is a group of volunteers and supporters from all walks of life.   The one common thread binding them together is a love of sea turtles and recognition of its recreational, environmental, & economic value to the community. Friends work with the Turtle Village Trust and our Community Groups to preserve and protect our natural and cultural resources and to provide recreational opportunities to area visitors.

Be a Friend - Volunteer, Make a Donation, Adopt, Sponsor,

The Friends Need You!

You can make a real difference

As a Friend of Sea Turtles you can contribute to the survival of sea turtles for future generations to enjoy through awareness campaigns and conservation programmes.


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