Matura is the first of the turtle watching locations that one would come across if driving along the east-northeast coast of Trinidad. It is a rural village, which has traditionally seen most of its economic returns from fishing and agriculture. Both have these have been on a decline and there are few sustainable employment opportunities.

This is stark contrast to the wealth of tourist attractions in the area including:

  • The Rio Seco Waterfall.
  • Long stretches of beachfront.
  • Rich cultural diversity in the form of beliefs, folklore and customs.
  • Diverse fauna including the Pawi, Red Howler Monkeys and Otters.
  • Nesting Leatherback turtles throughout the months of March to August.

Matura has, in fact, become known as one of the best turtle watching beaches and draws the largest percentage of eco-tourists visiting the country annually. Matura beach is one of the areas where visitors must purchase a permit from the Forestry Division in order to take part in turtle watching. Only 100 visitors at a time are allowed in order to minimize disturbances.

This is a result of strong lobbying by Nature Seekers, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting nesting sea turtles. Visitors can take part in tours of both the beach and to the nearby Rio Seco Waterfall. There is also a guesthouse for accommodation.